Reflections of the soul

Adventurers! Welcome!
sit down by the hearth!

legends tell of the heroes of old… Legendary as they where they where also quite lucky in their endevours… fortuna might have favoured them more than any other heroes of old you see their country.. hell the entire world was engulfed in a devestating war that threatened to lay every last soul to rest. they fought demons and devils, dragons and all sorts of monsters.
despite the overwhelming odds the heroes fought day and night for weeks, months even untill all hope had seemed to vanish, it was in that moment a chance came a chance they took, risking their lives and immortal souls to end the darkness that had fallen upon the land. some fell. those that survived the ordeal was forever changed, some say that the very evil they fought and defeated lived on in them. that they where forever changed bullox i tell you!
they returned triumphant and from that day forth and to this day there has not been any wars, and that my friends happened more than one thousand years ago.

statues of these heroes was erected in the capitol after it was rebuild… some say that by gazing upon them and wishing for something at the same time, and that wish is sincere enough, it might just make that wish come true.. but only if you keep the wish to your self..


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